Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda


As our world faces yet another pandemic, the biotechnology industry is more important than ever as it can develop revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine. The Biotech curriculum will provide members with a holistic view of the business strategies utilized in the biotechnology industry. Through collaborative projects, real-world case studies, and interactive workshops, members will gain an all-encompassing understanding of the intersection of the life sciences and business.

Alex Qu portrait
Alex Qu
Biotech Chair

Hi! I'm Alex Qu, a sophomore studying Chemical Biology and Data Science. Right now, I'm really interested in how we can take advantage of developing technologies to reveal information about cancer, what it does, and what we can do to treat it. Outside of my school/work life, I enjoy listening to and playing music, playing video games, and watching baseball.

Ishan Dogra portrait
Ishan Dogra
Biotech Chair

Hi! My name is Ishan and I am a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. As I study mechanical and aerospace engineering, I continue to fuel my interests in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and helping people with technology. Aside from my professional interests, I love being active in the outdoors, such as skiing, backpacking, and climbing.


The Consulting curriculum will focus on providing members with knowledge and skills to become a competent consultant. Members will learn about consulting fundamentals such as SWOT analysis and how to put together a case deck through our interactive workshops.

Alex Lavoie portrait
Alex Lavoie
Consulting Chair

Hey y'all my name is Alex Lavoie and I'm a senior studying Economics. Professionally I'm interested in PWM, IB, and Consulting. Most recently I worked in SF on a PWM deposits team. Some personal interests include hockey, exploring new foods, and watching TV shows.

Lea Dumortier portrait
Lea Dumortier
Consulting Chair

Hi I'm Lea and I'm a junior majoring in Environmental Economics & Policy with a minor in Sustainable Business & Policy. Over the last few summers, I have done marketing and accounting internships in various different industries and I am currently interested in entrepreneurship and sustainability. I love to sail, travel, and chill with friends. In my free time I enjoy trying new places to eat, scootering around campus, and organizing my life on Notion!


The Finance curriculum aims to help you learn the basic principles of finance and prepare you for a future career in the financial services industry. We will start from basic accounting to valuation to eventually building your own investment portfolio. Our curriculum is built from a list of financial technical interview questions, which by the end of the semester, you will have mastered.

Allyson Chen portrait
Allyson Chen
Finance Chair

Hi everyone! I am Allyson, a sophomore intending to study Business Administration with a minor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I am very interested in doing consulting for local businesses and upcoming startups. Aside from my professional interests, you will often find me eating at new restaurants, playing tennis and filming Youtube videos!

Nathaniel Alvarado portrait
Nathaniel Alvarado
Finance Chair

Hello all! My name is Nathaniel and I am a junior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Music. I am currently interested in investment banking specifically for TMT companies to later lateral into corporate finance for music and video game companies. Apart from that, on my off time I love playing poker, rock climbing, and listening to new types of music. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about finance or want to talk music or video games!


In a world where countless products enter the market daily, marketing aims to connect brands with the right consumers. The Marketing curriculum teaches a variety of business strategies utilized in specific industry landscapes. Through collaborative projects and interactive workshops, members will gain hands-on experience to prepare them for future professional opportunities. Some topics covered by Marketing include decking, data visualization, strategic analysis, and case interviews.

Samantha Wang portrait
Samantha Wang
Marketing Chair

Hi my name is Samantha and I am a junior studying Environmental Economics and Policy. Though I am unsure of what exactly I'd like to do professionally post-college, my current interests align with marketing and sustainability. Working for a company that combines the two would be ideal. Personally, I hope to travel post-college and get my own dog!

Matthew Ahn portrait
Matthew Ahn
Marketing Chair

Hi! My name is Matt and I am a junior studying Political Economy and Data Science. My professional interests include product marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Outside of classes and studying, you'll probably find me at the RSF, playing league with PBL friends, or with a red velvet latte from Sodoi on hand.


As an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, successful use of technology precedes the success of a business itself. In the Tech curriculum, we bridge the gap between software and business, providing a foundational understanding of how important technology is within corporations. Members will be taught the basics of programming through Python, data analytics, and web development. Throughout the curriculum, members will also get the opportunity to build their own games and test their newfound skills. These hands-on projects and workshops will allow members to gain a comprehensive understanding of technology that can be brought into the real world.

Dora Fok portrait
Dora Fok
Technology Chair

Hi! My name is Dora and I am a Junior studying Computer Science. As someone who is greatly interested in the intersection of Business and Technology, I am particularly drawn to fields such as product management and technical consulting. In my free time, you can catch me dancing on sproul, or bingewatching Kpop videos!

Henry Jia portrait
Henry Jia
Technology Chair

Hello! My name is Henry Jia, and I am sophomore studying Data Science and intended Business Administration. My professional interests include Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Sports Analytics. I'm a huge baseball, football, and basketball fan and love playing fantasy sports. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, being hardstuck gold in Valorant, and getting food with my friends!