Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda


The Consulting curriculum will focus on providing members with knowledge and skills to become a competent consultant. Members will learn about consulting fundamentals such as SWOT analysis and how to put together a case deck through our interactive workshops.

Alexandre Lavoie portrait
Alexandre Lavoie
Consulting Chair

Hey! I'm Alex, a current sophomore intending to major in Business Administration. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds in store for my professional career, but I can see myself working in wealth management or one of the various business-oriented roles in Tech. I've been playing hockey for over 10 years and it's my most serious passion, so that takes up a lot of my free time. Other than this though I also enjoy playing golf, participating in other clubs such as Cal’s Rally Committee, watching TV shows, and going on short trips.

David Wang portrait
David Wang
Consulting Chair

Hi! I am David, a junior studying Chemical Engineering & Business Administration with a career interest in management and healthcare consulting. I was born and raised in China and now live in Orange County, CA. In my free time, I am an avid Minesweeper player and occasionally do some magic tricks for my friends and family (my sister has been my guinea pig during quarantine). I am also a huge basketball fan and would love to educate you on why LeBron James is the greatest player of all time.


The Finance curriculum aims to help you learn the basic principles of finance and prepare you for a future career in the financial services industry. We will start from basic accounting to valuation to eventually building your own investment portfolio. Our curriculum is built from a list of financial technical interview questions, which by the end of the semester, you will have mastered.

Amy Zhong portrait
Amy Zhong
Finance Chair

Hi everyone! I'm Amy, a sophomore studying Economics & Data Science with a domain emphasis in Business and Industrial Analytics. I have a strong interest in finance, data analytics, and strategy & initiatives that combine both tech/business. Aside from my professional interests, I am a huge music junkie, lover of cute cafes, and an avid volunteer passionate about causes focused on economic empowerment. You can probably find me capturing moments through bullet journaling, embarking on food adventures, binging netflix, or trying new yoga/pilates classes during my free time!

Monica Zhang portrait
Monica Zhang
Finance Chair

Hello! I’m Monica and I am a sophomore at Berkeley double majoring in Economics and Legal Studies. I wish to pursue a career in M&A and legal consulting. I’m also considering going to law school and becoming an in-house attorney. Outside of classes, I love hiking, playing volleyball and trying out new sports and food with family and friends!


In a world where countless products enter the market daily, marketing aims to connect brands with the right consumers. The Marketing curriculum teaches a variety of business strategies utilized in specific industry landscapes. Through collaborative projects and interactive workshops, members will gain a hands-on experience to prepare them for future professional opportunities.

Alvin Han portrait
Alvin Han
Marketing Chair

I'm Alvin, a sophomore studying economics and global studies who loves marketing! Aside from career and academics, I have been doing urban dance for 6 years now and love to learn new choreo and sometimes even create choreo in my free time. I also love listening to music and running at night (please don't do this in Berkeley).

Somi Kim portrait
Somi Kim
Marketing Chair

Hello! My name is Somi and I am a junior majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science. I'm looking forward to another fruitful semester in PBL with a great team of students! On weekend afternoons, I like curling up in the corner of a cozy café to read a good book. I also enjoy going on picnics with friends, listening to true crime podcasts, and hiking during the fall season.


As an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, successful use of technology precedes the success of a business itself. In the Tech curriculum, we bridge the gap between software and business, providing a foundational understanding of how important technology is within corporations. Members will be taught the basics of programming through Python. Throughout the curriculum, members will also get the opportunity to build their own games and test their newfound skills. These hands-on projects and workshops will allow members to gain a comprehensive understanding of technology.

Carrie Liu portrait
Carrie Liu
Technology Chair

Hey! I'm Carrie, a junior studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research interested in technology and management. Outside of school, I love drinking Thai tea from Feng Cha, watching Chinese dramas with my co-chair, and teaching little kids how to code. I also love singing in the shower and with my a cappella group!

Priscilla Chang portrait
Priscilla Chang
Technology Chair

Hello!! My name is Priscilla and I am a junior studying EECS and I am looking to be a software engineer (still deciding between front-end and back-end). In my free time, I really enjoy reading and listening to all kinds of music! I also enjoy a great variety of shows from dramas to anime - you name it! I have a very cute cavalier king charles spaniel named Bambi and will definitely bombard you with pictures if you ever need a serotonin boost!

Visual Media

Honing in on the consumer-facing side of business, the Visual Media curriculum will provide members with the technical skill set to imagine and design relevant creative content and branding material that businesses use to distinguish themselves. Through hands-on workshops using Adobe Creative Cloud's Illustrator, members will explore the fundamentals of branding while exercising creativity to develop professional media.

Cassidy Cho portrait
Cassidy Cho
Visual Media Chair

Hello hello! I'm Cassidy, a sophomore majoring in economics and media studies interested in both product marketing and designing. I love taking photos and editing them (same with video) - if you ever want a photoshoot after quarantine I'd be more than happy to hang out and go on a casual photoshoot! I love meeting new people and making new relationships, so feel free to hit me up😃

Hamayl Cheema  portrait
Hamayl Cheema
Visual Media Chair

Hello! I'm Hamayl and I'm a second year studying economics with a career interest in marketing and consulting. I love to read, travel, take pictures, and explore just about anywhere. I love being immersed in nature, so if you're looking for a hiking buddy, I'm your girl! If I'm not hanging out with friends and family, you'll probably find me trying random recipes, finding a new book to read, or scrolling through Pinterest!