Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda

Internal Networking

While not a committee that takes applicants, the Internal Networking committee is responsible for fostering the social environment of the organization. From planning the semesterly Member's Retreat to organizing countless social events throughout the semester, the Internal Networking committee works hard to encourage a tight-knit PBL community.

Angela Jiang portrait
Angela Jiang
Internal Networking Chair

Hi! I’m Angela, a junior studying computer science and economics and interested in the intersection of technology and finance. Outside of PBL, I also enjoy teaching CS, working on side projects, doing Chinese dance, and exploring new food places. I'm excited to be one of your IN chairs this semester!

Autumn Wang portrait
Autumn Wang
Internal Networking Chair

Hi! I'm Autumn, a sophomore studying Data Science and Cognitive Science and am interested in marketing and creative work in business but am still exploring to find my interests. Outside of professional work, I love being creative through photography, videography and design. I used to be a competitive swimmer so I am also very active and love going to the gym and playing different sports (but I'm not a scary gym rat dw). Finally, I am an avid foodie so am always down for some fun 3 am adventures to get food :)))

Erika Yang portrait
Erika Yang
Internal Networking Chair

Hey! I'm Erika, a junior studying Economics and Education, with an interest in consulting, entrepreneurship, and marketing. In my professional life, I am also passionate about my non-profit organizations, Made HERstory (www.madeherstory) and YIBI (www.yibius.org). In my free time, I love to swim and run with my dog, Coco, travel the world, and go on Chick-fil-a runs.

Max Kim portrait
Max Kim
Internal Networking Chair

Hey! I'm Max, a sophomore studying Economics and Data Science. I've played soccer since I was 6, and I enjoy coaching or playing with my friends in my free time. I also enjoy finding new music, hosting KBBQ gatherings, or exploring new spots with my friends.

Client Teams

The Client Teams spearhead PBL's consulting services. Working with a wide array of clients from budding start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, Client Teams allow members to take the knowledge and experience from their industry-specific committee curriculums and apply them to real world projects.

Henry Cheong portrait
Henry Cheong
Project Manager

Hello there! I'm Henry, a junior studying data science with a domain emphasis in business and industrial analytics. I'm really passionate about learning powerful applications in predictive analytics for making impactful business decisions. When I have free time (which I rarely do nowadays) I enjoy playing frisbee, browsing interesting topics on Quora, exploring new music on Spotify, and traveling with friends. :P

Bradly Wei portrait
Bradly Wei
Project Manager

I'm Bradly, a sophomore studying Economics and interested in corporate finance and commercial real estate. Aside from my professional aspirations, I'm passionate about humanitarian issues and love discussing pressing social topics of all kinds, but especially as related to the urban setting. In my free time, I occasionally captivate myself with learning about stunning architectural structures and fantasizing about visiting them in a post-Covid world. Until then, I make do with zoom, podcasts, and basketball.

Justin Quan portrait
Justin Quan
Project Manager

Hi! I'm Justin, a sophomore studying EECS and Econ. My career interests are always changing, but they mostly lie somewhere in between product management, software engineering, and entrepreneurship. I love designing and building different things, from smart plugs to food delivery services, and I'm always more than happy to chat about startup ideas. Also a big fan of rock climbing, exploring different beaches, hiking, and amateur video editing.

Cathy Zhang portrait
Cathy Zhang
Project Manager

Hey there! I'm Cathy, a sophomore studying Cognitive Science and Economics, hoping to work in the UI/UX or Product Design industry in the future. Besides professional interests, I am an avid painter and photographer! In my free time, I love cooking, visiting museums, hunting for the best iced latte, and skateboarding to look like a cool person!

Roger Zhang portrait
Roger Zhang
Project Manager

Hello I'm Roger, a junior majoring in EECS with a focus in artificial intelligence and computer systems. Outside of academics, I'm very passionate about music! I've played the violin since I was a kid and am currently in an acapella group on campus, which contributes to me enjoying most genres of music. In my free time, I love snowboarding, riding roller coasters, and eating good food.


The Executive team manages the day-to-day operations of the organization while planning the semester's large-scale events and activities. From co-hosting speaker panels to leading our premier professional development workshops, the Executive team embodies the PBL values and the hallmarks of personal and professional success.

Grace Chi portrait
Grace Chi
Vice President of Campus Affairs

Hello! My name is Grace, and I am a third year studying Business Administration. Growing up, I have always had a strong passion for art. This has provided me with a creative eye that translates well to coming up with creative marketing strategies. Beyond academics, you can find me exploring the streets of Berkeley or sketching in some corner at Peet’s.

Jeremy Mui portrait
Jeremy Mui
Vice President of Operations

Hey! I'm Jeremy, a fourth year studying CS and Data Science, and I'm excited to come back for my fourth semester in PBL. I'm interested in the intersection of technology, music, and business. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix, drink Thai tea, and listen to EDM, rap, and pop music. I also enjoy playing various songs by ear on the piano and improvising melodies!

Kai Chen portrait
Kai Chen
Vice President of Projects

Hello! I'm Kai, a senior studying economics and data science! Through PBL, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in consulting and have worked with various companies on projects ranging from UX to developing marketing strategies! Throughout my past 3 years on campus, I have also been heavily involved in mentoring high school students! During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, watching K-Dramas, and annoying my friends! I've recently been trying to learn photography and baking during this quarantine!

Kate Ngo portrait
Kate Ngo
Vice President of Finance

Hello! My name is Kate and I am a rising junior studying Political Science and Economics. In my free time, I like to read suspense novels and watch the latest Korean drama. Recently, I have also started to really enjoy cooking and baking to recreate meals that I see on TV.

Darren Kim portrait
Darren Kim

Hi! I'm Darren, a third year studying Business Administration with a career interest in human capital consulting. This will be my fourth semester in PBL. Outside of professional pursuits, I'm an avid photographer and love adventures of all shapes and sizes, having set foot in over 15 countries. I'm also a passionate volunteer educator, mentoring young students for the past 7 years. In my free time, I love playing guitar, hosting dinner parties, and searching for the next best tapas bar!